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The photo under dispute, published in

X- factor, issue 22/ 1998

The Iraq child, 2000 Bagdade

Savestin before he was kidnapped - 1997

In the child from the disputed photo the parents recognize Savestin, but the Dervishi say their child has been photographed        
 The computer analysis of the three photographs shows 11 points of differences above the acceptable between Savestin and the disputable photo and whole 38 points differences between the Iraq child and the disputed photo.

The Ministry of Interior refused to work, including on this version. The father conducted the tracing down on his own and order expert’s statements. Savesting is not with the dervishes. The child should be traced down in Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Turkey, Republic of South Africa, the USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Iran, Algeria, Switzerland, Spain, Argentina. The child has most probably passed the Romanian, Hungarian, Dutch territories or through Cyprus and Israel.

Monks “dervishi” from Baghdade

Part of the wonders of the “dervishi” demonstrated before the father who, on the photo on the right side, holds a snake- black mamba in his hand.

Film for dervishi-Bagdad

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