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No country can be called civilized, if it can not make its best to protects its children – Bulgaria does not make anything …..

In Libya a foreign court oblatory sentenced five Bulgarian women to death. But how many Bulgarian children like Savestin are oblatory sentenced without court ruling and court sentence by the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior? They are much more than five!!! Little Bulgarians are punished not to be inquired and predestined to severe exile, insulting, suffering and death. Horror! Horror! Horror! This is a kind of a state banditism.



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“24-hours” – Bulgarian newspaper, p4/23-th of Sep. 1999 – Slavi Angelov 

Sevestin was abducted because of the loan

 29 months the witness of this mysterious accident lies the police and investigators.

10 candles on the birthday cake should be lightened for Sevestin birthday yesterday.

 Since three years the small boy is missing.

“ I’m not sure, says his father staying alone at home in bl.521 in Ljulin- Sofia, do I have to light candles for Sevestin on the cake, or in the church praying for his soul.

29 months after the accident a new version of the case is close to deliver the truth around the mysterious missing of the child.  

Almost 3 years the investigation does not move a step, with the “help” of the sole witness of the accident – the friend of Sevestin – Denise Daruish.

THE CHILD STATES THAT ON THE FATAL DAY – 6-TH OF May 1997, Sevestin was fallen in the channel near the Bridge of Lions, running after his ball.

From the very beginning Denis lied policemen and investigators. In other version the boy states that he and Sevestin were separated at the door of the building, and in third version - he left Sevestin in place near the Ljulin river.

Policemen were suspicious to the child’s statements. There was too much contradiction in them! Even more, Denise, mentioned involuntary at front of his friend, that on 6-th of May two unknown men forced Sevestin and him in a yellow car “trabant”, but he succeeded to escape.    

“24 hours” is aware that two years later Denise was put under supervision of physiologists for a period of 20 days, who concluded that the boy is lying about the accident with missing child.

Today the police and the investigation are convinced that Sevestin was abducted on 6-th of May 1997. They cannot guarantee that the child is still alive.  

Only now the investigation will state why the kid was kidnapped.

One of operative version is that Sevestin was kidnapped by mistake, instead of his friend Denis, because of Denise father’s loans.

Denise mother is a prostitute named Sofka Asenova. May be only she knows who is Denise father.

Some years ago Denise was adopted by Darius Djahamgiri. The foreigner was born in 1967 in Iran and lived in Bulgaria since early nineties. He was aware as drug supplier. In 1995 he was in jail in Varna punished for heroin supplement.

Coming out of the jail he continued his business with the white poison. But this occupation brings to him a little discomfort. The police was informed that Daruish’s creditors were after him. His son testify that few months before the abduction of Sevestin, some people enter by force I their home in Ljulin and wanted some “goods” back from his father.

Only when the bandits put the rifle in Denis’s mouth, his father gave them a convert with white powder.

The problems continued and after Sevestin’s abduction. A day after kidnapping of the kid (7 of may1997), Dariush was arrested in district police office for sell of heroin. After the arrest the bandits came in Denise’s house to ask were his father left the convert with white powder. For sure they didn’t find the staff.

In the beginning of this year, Dariush was out of the jail. Tree weeks after that his body was found in the center of Sofia. From the police informed that the Iranian was shot. May be with him was gone and the truth for kidnapping of Sevestin.

In autumn of 1997 Denise’s mother – Sofka traveled to Poland to prostitute. She left the country through border Durankulak.

She “worked” in Italy, also, so the small Denise was living with his grandmother in Trojan.

Until Denise does not tell the truth about kidnapping of Sevestin, the police could only guess why Sevestin was kidnapped and were he is now.

“Alive or not alive, my son was victim to the criminal act” states definitely Todor Dejanov. He has his own version for the kidnapping that will announce before journalists today.

Sevestin father also thinks that in the base of the accident is the murdered already Iranian. Dejanov states that Dariush Djahamgiri placed the confiscated from the police heroin. The trait went to Superior policemen.

The father of Sevestin has proofs for such affair. Hi do not loose his hope to see his son alive. May be for the next birthday?







On the first warm day of May in 1997 a small charming boy insists on leaving the house. He wanted to play very much outside the block of flats. Alas, this sunny day of May turns to be withering outrageous for the child and his relatives. For all those who know him. On 6 May 1997 between 18,30 and 19,00 hours with Savestin has happened something terrible. Something that still remains a riddle. Due to the investigation authorities!

At 20.30 it was getting dark. However Savestin does not come home.Where can he be? I have looked for him but for no avail. For the last time they saw him with Denis - a first grade student too. I was led to his house. At fist he lied that he does not know Tine(his pet name)and later said that he remained in front of the building with the other children.


2. The Investigation case (file) was intentionally concealed due to

    the truth shown in this document

(Indictment Resolution. Resolution for Dropping of the Charges or for Termination of the Preliminary Investigation)1

Sofia, 15.03.1999


The undersigned P. Kalchev – investigator at the Sofia Investigation Service, having taken into consideration that during the investigation of case No. 235 dated 1998 on file ref. No. 34261 dated 1998 of the Sofia District Public Prosecution Office, the following was established:

The preliminary investigation was conducted against an unknown perpetrator for a crime according to the provisions of Art. 142, cl. 2, item 2 with reference to cl. 1 of the Penal Code. The Public Prosecution Office has provided specific instructions by the Resolution for the Instigation of the Investigation. In compliance with the same, a complex expertise was appointed with the participation of pediatric psychologists and pediatric psychiatrists from the Institute of Psychology at the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the elaboration of an expertise of the minor witness Deniz Bahram. As of 10.03.1999, the expertise has been elaborated but, since the documents of the Institute are secret, the same cannot be enclosed herewith at present. The conclusions of the expertise are that the witness Bahram has provided false evidence that Savestin has fallen into the river. The truth is that the same has been kidnapped by unknown persons in housing complex Lyulin.

Taking into account the fact that the term for the preliminary investigation has expired and new investigation activities cannot be undertaken, enclosed herewith the undersigned sends the file to the Sofia Public Prosecution Office in accordance with the provisions of Art. 220 – 221 of the Penal Procedural Code.


The Investigation case No. 235-1998 according to the lists of the Sofia Investigation Service is hereby sent to the Sofia Public Prosecution Office with an opinion for the preliminary investigation to be terminated in accordance with the provisions of Art. 239, cl. 1, item 2 of the Penal Procedural Code.


                                                        Investigator: (signed - illegible)


The undersigned Alexander Kostadinov Velinov do hereby certify the authenticity of the performed by myself translation of the above text, namely: Final Resolution of the Investigator dated 15.03.1999, consisting of 1 (one) page of original text in Bulgarian and 1 (one) page of translation into English.

That truth was intentionally hidden for five years - 11.02.2004


3. Here is the why in which the nasty cops smash every similar case

   and destroy and exterminate every revealed truth.

Translation from Bulgarian

Rectangular stamp of the Ministry of Interior

Outgoing Nr.13305 of 10 June 2001






In reference to your Order on tracing down the unknown perpetrators, under case 149 ?? 2001 of the Archive of the City Office of Inquiry, who have kidnapped the minor SAVESTIN DEYANOV, we hereby inform you about the following:


The Inquiry Sector at the City Directorate of the Ministry of Interior is not engaged in establishing any unknown perpetrators.


The Inquiry Sector works towrds tracing down the disappeared SEVASTIN TODOROV DEYANOV.


Until this moment, no data are available that may give us the enough ground to suppose that SAVESTIN DEYANOV has been kidnapped.



City Directorate of the Ministry of Interior

SEAL” Metropolitan Directorate of the Ministry of Interior –



Date: 10 July 2001


Typed by: VD


Father’s comment:

This is the way the cops canceled the inquiry, prosecutors office and the law.

Savestin has not been traced down and they are not making any attempt for this.


The father is convinced that it was namely the then President Peter Stoyanov,

the then Prime Minister Ivan Kostov and the services, who hid the truth

and the information about the kidnapping. Ask them why?


This is the place in Sofia- in front of the “Lions’ bridge”, where the policemen lied that Savestin was drowned.

music1.gif (21850 bytes)FATHERS LOVE




The 24 Hours, daily (paper)  27th of May, 1997, p.5



Yesterday the father of the 8-year-old Suvestin Todorov Deyanov, kidnapped on the 6th of May, 1997, sent an open letter to the President Peter Stoyanov, to the National Assembly and to all men in power.

The father, Todor Deyanov hopes the President and the Director of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will take to heart the case and exert pressure for the finding of the disappeared child.

He affirms his son was kidnapped in the street. He supposes the child is kidnapped in order to be sold and secretly adopted abroad.

The organs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have searched for Suvestin Deyanov for 20 days, but still there are no results and the child is missing. Suvestin suffers from chronic appendicitis and has allergic rashes on the elbows. The child has light auburn short hair and brown eyes


The kidnapped Suvestin Deyanov and a facsimile of the open letter by the father.



To the President

To the National Assembly

To the press (The 24 Hours,

27 th of May, 1997)

To the men in power

in The Republic of Bulgaria

Sofia, the 26th of May, 1997


By Deyanov, Todor Stanislavov, address: L.c. Lyulin, bl. 521, entr. G,fl. 6, Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear Sirs,

On the 6th of May, still in broad daylight, my 8-year-old son Suvestin was kidnapped. He is still missing.

I am asking you, the law-makers, is this the way in which we will travel to Europe  - like live flesh and blood tax??? Are not we at the end of the 20th century? What did you do with the Law of Children? I am asking you, the law-makers, how , according to you, should we protect our little children? In cages with padlocks or with neckpieces in the streets?  

Mr. Bonev,

I have personal faith in you. But for 20 days now there have not been neither news, nor traces of my little son. The world knows about a case when because of an ordinary little child the boundaries of a whole country were closed in an instant. The country was Arabian. I am asking then, when will we become at least an Arabian country in respect of the protection of our children?

Will you get personally engaged?

Mr. President,

Suvestin and I were in the first lines of the January protests. In order to live here, in Bulgaria! But my little child is missing. A Bulgarian child disappeared. What will you do, Mr. President, so that there will not be kidnapped Bulgarian children? I rely on you! You are a father, too. It is not possible for you not to feel my pain. It is not possible!

Dear men in power,

Why, after all, you have the power, when you cannot, by the laws, protect at least the children of Bulgaria? I am asking you most seriously:

Suvestin means conscience. Do you have it?                             Deyanov, T. S.:

   Instead of a reply, on May 27 in the afternoon at the 9-th District Police Department 12-13 policemen threatened me as follows:                                                “You, mister Deyanov, don’t take thing to the media and the public  about us because otherwise we shall make things public about you that shall make the end of you!”

The President Petar Stoyanov for a forth consecutive year does not want to help Savestin or any other Bulgarian child that has disappeared!


Ministry council

According to the Constitution, art. 14 and art 10 of the Convention of the human rights To Ivan Kostov, prime-minister of die Republic of Bulgaria


From Julia Christova Tchakarova Mr. Prime-roinister,

According to article 3 of the Child’s Convention, which says that” The highest interests of the child are the main consideration in all the actions that concern the children”, as well as articles 8,9,11 and 16,1 beg you to contact me with the professionals you know, to help us to find our kidnap child Savestin, who is missing since 06.05.1997.

The investigators which work upon this case, do not actually make any essential work from the very beginning. The first thing they did was to tell the father to “come tomorrow”!? with the request for a research, and although he has deposited it at 1.20 a.m. it was moved ahead 10 hours after. Second, after the father exposed the case before the open press, was threatened in the police office on the 27.05. - “ You, mister Deanov, do not that easy contact the press and the society, because we also have something to say about you...” Can you imagine Mr. Premier, what can that mean to you in so a tragic moment? Nevertheless, with hard efforts, we managed to introduce the case Savestin to over than 5 million Bulgarians. The society, represented by journalists, radio and TV stations, publishers, photographers, and a lot of ordinary people, supported us without prejudices and without compensations, as our layer do now. Third, it seemed like the police officers allowed the suspected to get out of the country. Fourth, fifth, sixth and so on, the way the missing children are tracked out in our country, is in favor only for the criminals, which always remain unknown and unpunished.

I am ruined, morally, physically and in every way, by the fact that we, as electoral Bulgarian parents, for six months are helpless and discharged in our own country, and can do nothing against the criminals. Thousand times I ask you, please co-operate us, regarding the law and the international conventions, signed by our country.

It’s not true that without children there is no future.

The severe truth is that

Without children there is no even present!

27.10.1997 Sofia


Mr. Kostov,

I support the statement of the mother without reserve!

In January, 1997 i supported demokracy with the most beloved thing i had. On this photograph we were in the close proximity of you.

I believe that now you will help this child as it is required by the law, moral and conscience!

Deyanov T.S. 

Sofia 27th of October, 1997  

The little Savestin was a child- symbol at the meetings and barricades in January 1997 in the fight for democracy. This photograph of his was

Published several times in the press and after he was kidnapped.

The Prime-minister Ivan Kostov never at all wished to give a reply to our requests and applications for searching and investigations for Savestin.




by Anna Zarkova              Thursday, 22 January 1998                   FATAL                 “Trud”  daily (paper)        page 13





Zarkova, Anna, TRUD, 29 of October, 1998

‘While making my greatest efforts, connected with the unsuccessful searching for my son, I came to the sad conclusion that I am a citizen of a country which is indifferent to my problems’, declared yesterday in the editorial office Todor Deyanov,  whose child disappeared without a trace. ‘That is why I decided to appear

like a claimant against Bulgaria before the European Court in Strassburg. I will not do it for money but for the moral remedy of the dozens of parents with cruel dooms like mine. Our innocent children become victims of criminals under the indifferent observation of a bureaucratic, immobile, helpless and irresponsible system of  order and security.’


5516 signatures 

SUBSCRIPTION  LIST        Handled on the 19th of January, 1998 

Incoming ?9401, case 132 Jan., 19th, 1998              




Mr. President,

We, the initiative committee of parents and children,

filled with sympathy to the doom of the little Suvestin,

raise voices, by our signatures, in support of all Bulgarian children vanished without a trace. We demand an effective search both throughout the country and  abroad, in complience with  the Convention for the Child. We ask: 'WHY THERE IS NO LAW FOR THE CHILD IN BULGARIA?' and we say a firm 'NO!' to the criminal acts against children.

The tragedy of the children and parents has no colour and political affiliation. Allas, it is a tragedy for the whole nation.

Fellow-countrypeople from many parts of the country took part in the   subscription list. Both Bulgarian and Turkish. In some places with a mayor and municipal administration at the head. Doctors, judges, journalists, teachers, associate professors, students, pupils, adults from all professions. There is nothing more beloved than the children!!!

Thousands of signatures from: Sofia, Svilengrad, Gotse Delchev, Peshtera, Kyustendil, Gabrovo, Popovo, Lom, the village of Captain Dimitrovo, Vratsa, Zemen, the villages of Vranya Stena and Kalotintsi, Pernik, Velingrad, Yambol, Turgovishte, Varna, Vakarel - the parents of the 12-year-old Ivan disappeared on 9 of March, 1997, Veliko Turnovo, Dobrich, Plovdiv, Lovech, Gorublyane, Dragalevtsi, Sandanski, Pazardjik, Shumen, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Berkovitsa.

The case 'Suvestin' turned into a natural unifyer for people. The parents all over the country are horrified. More, millions of signatures could be gathered easily. It is absolutely sure! But why is it necessary!?

Do not the men in power know the laws!?

Have not they read the Constitution!?

Do not they know that namely the state bears the responsibility!? Or, when it comes to responsibility,  they are not the state!?

Mr. Stoyanov, you also bear a personal responsibility for every child like the little, sweet Suvestin! You pardon prisoners, criminals, then pardon me and intercede for Suvestin. My only crime is that I am a father, a father in Bulgaria! Mercy!

Mr. President, you have no legislative initiative, but we, Parents and Children, authorize you to handle this subscription list to the National Parliament, so that there will be at least a Law for the Child in Bulgaria! This law is of no priority for the government. Why!?

                                                                                           Todor Deyanov.

Notwithstanding the 5516 votes from the whole Bulgaria full of sympathy to the fate of the small Savestin and with the demand to begin investigation for the effective search of the girls and boys who have disappeared in the country and out of it. The President Stoyanov and the government had no sympathy for the children in misfortune.

This made the father Todor Deyanov carry out a strike of hunger with no precedent in the time May 06- 27, 1999 for the adoption of a law in Bulgaria for the protection of the children!




by Anny Zarkova                 Friday, 14 May 1999                                FATAL                 “Trud”  daily (paper)    page 13








The father during the hunger strike without a precedent in the capital`s down-town within the period 6 - 27 may 99.

This is the student notebook of Savestin , on which he has writen his handwriting. The people have filled it in with thousand of signatures with the request for an normative act (law) , protecting children.

Notwithstanding the more than 200 000 signature collected from Bulgarian citizens, including from children the Law on the children was adopted as late as the end of May 2000 as a so called “active measure” due to which this Law on the children is not complete and does not serve the purpose. 

                    Todor Deyanov demanded a veto on this law. The President Petar Stoyanov agreed that the law is not good but did not return it to the Parliament for reconsideration. The human rights of the Bulgarian children have no protection yet.    


National newspaper “Dneven Trud” (Labour Daily), Wednesday, October 20, 1999



by Anna Zarkova                                                                                  The father of the first-grade pupil Savestin Deyanov who vanished without a trace from his home 2 years and 4 months ago, surprisingly identified his son on a photo from Baghdad published in “Trud” newspaper last Sunday.      The boy with his cheeks pierced by an iron needle, shown on the photo from the article dedicated to the miracles of  the dervish, is my son”, stated yesterday in deep emotion Mr. Todor Deyanov   “In the Takiya mosque, even the children are allowed to exercise painless injury”, reads the text under the figure published in our newspaper from the Italian version of the original British magazine “X Factor”, 1998. The article under the heading of “Thunder and Lightning”describes the supernatural manifestations of a scandalous Islam sect.

            SAVESTIN            PHOTO FROM






                                 TO:       THE MINISTRY OF INTERIOR  EMANOUIL YORDANOV

                    COPY:                THE SUPREME CASSATION PROSECUTOR’ S    


                                 COPY:   THE PRESIDENT PETAR STOYANOV   

 COPY:                     PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY (PARLIAMENT)   


P  E  T  I  T  I  O  N




I am confused and really furious!!! Already in fact 3 years and 7 months Savestin has not the chance to be found. NIGHTMARE!!!

Besides the cruel circumstance that the child has been inputted in the NCB Interpol yellow bulletin at least in 2000, the inputted details are still fatally incorrect. Horrible!

1.      I have provided in writing many times detail description of his generic and acquired distinguishing features.

2.      We have notified the media in the spring of the current year that someone has fabricated a scar on his chin, while one specific birthmark has been missed, while the acquired features have not been described. Fully nonsense!

3.      I have described again at the meeting with Mr. Galentin Georgiev in his office the following features of the child:

-         white delicate face with specific charm;

-         brown soft hair, which is changing to fair at sun light;

-         almond like beautiful deep brown eyes with long eyelashes;

-         normal big pinnae;

-         specific round birthmark on the left flank about 3 mm in diameter;

-         cutting vertical scar on the left leg under the knee about 3.5 cm ;

-         horizontal cutting  wound under the right knee-cap about 3-4 cm;

-         season (spring/autumn) rashes on and around the elbows - probably psoriasis;

-         I insisted to be displayed his photo with the balloon;

-         I insisted for ageing of the photo image.

In result I have received a written confirmation (Ref. J 1961/8.06.2000) that the incorrect data have been corrected. Well but this was not done, as it has become obvious from Ref. J 3961 from 15.11.2000. Abomination!

MR. MINISTER, I insist for your personal involvement in the case. I am talking about the child’s doom and about policemen mockery.

1.      Who should be responsible for all that swinish trick in failed search of Savestin?

2.      Is anyone intentionally changing the data, so that nobody could identify Savestin?

3.       Angel Angelov, the head of the search team is avoiding my attorneys at law. Why? They should meet him at once. Such as Angelov Company condemn our children not to be found at all. Together with General Vassilev they should be degrade to sergeants and kicked out the Ministry of Interior (MoI).  

4.      Why they do not actualise the photo of the child?



5.      All guilty men to be charged. Savestin was not found, because he was not searched. Nobody is working on any version.

6.      Why the police are standing against one child? I want an answer.


I am facing three-year active non-search of the most famous kidnapped Bulgarian child. I am facing inadequate relation to my petitions, breaching of the Constitution and the UN Convention for the rights of children.

I insist on carrying out an investigation of the feloniously inaction and inadequate acts to the missing child Savestin. The child has been deprived of the chance to be found here in the country or abroad for 3 years and 7 months. People sing a song on the air about Savestin, but none of the institutions care a fig about this Bulgarian child.


I am asking you with a sore heart how long you will be standing indifferent? The human rights of a minor human being, born in Bulgaria have been cruelly and tragically breached. Savestin and the children of the similar destiny could not be found, because they are not searched. We, their parents are pitiful and helpless before the police officers. They have created an organised irresponsibility.

They report formally the rate of finding of children, who have not been subject of violation and have themselves left their homes or orphanages, or taken by the other parent from the boarding houses; in cases of incidents, if accidentally the policemen find a corps; if the child (prostituting girl) succeeds to make a call, or to escape somewhere abroad. In practice there is no detection, there is no prevention. Every year the number of the missing children is increasing, but these data are not disclosed. The peoples in the police are covering the real situation, breaching the current laws and rewarding themselves.  

Mister President, you are the custodian of the Constitution. You have a view on the criminal situation. And why at last you do not undertake something in favour of the children. If Savestin was your son, what should you have done?  

City of Sofia                                      One man, who has lost his belief in this state

20 of November 2000                                   ……………………………………………….


Savestin who was kidnapped in May 1997 was duly announced in a yellow bulletin of INTERPOL as late as February 2000. In a yellow bulletin of INTERPOL- Lyon but with senseless characteristics of the sort “honest”, “well-built”, with a non-existing scar on the chin and with “circumstances of disappearing: Bulgaria”. This is how from the “Republic” all of a sudden Bulgaria became “circumstances” And the legally established truth that Savestin was kidnapped was erased intentionally. Savestin is still intentionally deprived of the chance to be saved, including until September 2005 because INTERPOL SOFIA publishes intentionally in the site of INTERPOL- Lyon photographs of Savestin, which are not fit to serve for recognition. The first one is a smashed black and white cutting out of a newspaper, the second is an unclear fax copy, the third is the current one, worked out in the USA, but intentionally it has been deleted that the photograph is currently valid and under it has been put the year 1997, as if Savestin has been kidnapped as a 17-18 years old boy. Even if blind, the officers of INTERPOL SOFIA should have seen that is makes no sense, but they do not even correct the publishing notwithstanding the multiple appeals of the father. This makes recognition impossible!

Who was interested in the lack of investigation for Savestin? There is traffic of children and young girls in Bulgaria.


NEWSPAPER "TRUD" - 08 09 2003

Todor Deyanov-father of a little boy Savestin, missing from 6 years:

Superior caps participate in children’s transfer


      - Mr. Deyanov, your son is missing from 6 years…

-         I had a wonderful child, but my right to give him love was taken away. And that is 6 painful years. There isn’t a president, minister or general to help me. They didn’t want to. They have punished me, because I dared to stand against children’s transfer.

-         Who have punished you?

-         The state - with not searching my boy. But if I didn’t fight, I would be so pitiful and my son forgotten as many others children. A kid could be destroyed and without killing him directly. I would go to cannibals in order to save Savestin. But how I can manage with cannibals in government?

-         On what stage is the searching now? Is there any one working to find your son?

-         From two years I have a case against the state, because of not searching my son. I am asking the minister of domestic affairs: Could he show even one action, which is from considerable matter for finding the perpetrator and the location of Savestin?

-         As far as I know you had a parallel searching to?

-         Yes, but in our country the monopolist in searching is Ministry of Interior (MI). The ordinary citizen can’t afford to hire a private detectives-it cost thousand of dollars. Haw can I find so much money. Whatever the detective does, all the information disappears in MI. Only if a policeman decides that something is really important that is lake order from God. The investigation proves in 1997 that Savestin was kidnapped. This statement was hiding for three years.

-         Who kidnapped him?

-         The case is against unknown perpetrator but I think they know who is it. I’ve always said that it’s an Iranian, who trades with drugs, peoples and weapons. He was in prison, but they didn’t question him.

-         What happened with him?

-         Let them go. In 1999 his dead body was found behind National Palace of Culture. The MI is continuing to do nothing. You know for the unique picture made in Baghdad. Than your newspaper made an expertise in the institute of criminality but not the Police, not the prosecution, even not the investigating authorities.  There was an amazing resemblance, but the computer can’t prove the identity from pictures for children. That is available for adults over 18.

-         You have sent a peticia in The European Commission in Brussels…

-         Yes and the people there answered many times. But my country is deaf. What happens in Interpol? It comes out that Savestin was reported missing 4 years and 3 weeks after he was kidnapped. From years in MI have unique software for age progression for recognizing of children. But the people who rule the ministry don’t want to supply the necessary pictures. There is nothing in our lows for trade with children. The initiative belongs to MI, but it is a monopolist. And I blame it, that superior cups participate in children’s traffic. And why they should break their own channels?

-         These are serious statements.

-         Without protection these channels can’t work. It is the same with drugs and stolen cars.

-         Are you loosing your hope?

-         The hope is the last that dying, but it can’t last forever. I am not hoping to see my boy as a kid, but I still hope to see him as a teen.

-         Do you believe that he is alive?

-         I hope so, because if he isn’t I would better die. I very much love my son and I will not give up.




Here are concrete criminal nonsense of higher cops to the child Savestin



   To The President of the Republic of Bulgaria

           To The Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria

               To Stela Bankova – Member of the 39th Parliament

               To Baroness Emma Nicholson – E. PARLIAMENT

             To Alvaro Gil Roldes – COUNCIL OF EUROPE


                   From TODOR STANISLAVOV DEYANOV – father of the kidnapped in 1997 child Savestin



on the basis of the provisions of Articles 3, 8, 11,

and 35 of the Children’s Rights Convention,

Articles 9, 10, and 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Basic Rights,Article 190 of the Penal Procedural Code





                I survive in endless sorrow and backbreaking efforts to find my son Savestin, who was kidnapped in 1997. Savestin was conscientiously derived of his rights to survive. From the beginning of the tragedy, I have been speaking and defending only the truth, while the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and of the Investigation Service purposefully hinder my efforts to find my child.

                At the beginning, the operational officer Lyubomir Boyadzhiev collected sufficient data, that Savestin had been kidnapped. However, the child has not the subject of an official search till date. The nightmare goes on. The rights of Savestin are being brutally neglected.

                Just recently, in February 2004, I had the possibility to read the file on investigation case No. 235/1998 of the Investigation Service of the Capital – information, which I was denied constantly and in all possible ways, notwithstanding my complaints. The truth was continuously withheld from me, from the society, from the state institutions. For five years, they continued to hide the proven truth!

                THE TRUTH IS THAT SAVESTIN HAD BEEN KIDNAPPED. This is the conclusion of the complex expertise, compiled by pediatric psychologists and pediatric psychiatrists from the Institute of Psychology at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Enclosed herewith please find Resolution No. 34261/98 dated 08.07.1999 of the Sofia District Prosecutor’s Office, issued to me as late as the 11.02.2004.

                The conscientiously evil actions and lack of action by the employees the 9th District Police Department, the Sofia Directorate on Internal Affairs, the Directorate of the National Investigation Service, KIAD, Interpol – Sofia, condemned the destiny and the childhood of Savestin, ruined my psychology, my life, and my moral principles as a human being and a father.


                I have sufficient basis to think that Angel Angelov – Head of the “Search” Department at the Directorate of the National Investigation Service, General Vasil Vasilev, and Colonel M. Davidov have executed and signed documents with false contents infringing the rights and hindering the search for the kidnapped child. Enclosed herewith please find two of their statements, in which they conscientiously and manipulatively state lies and hide significant facts, trying to convince me and the authorities of crazy ideas about an accident.

                I also have the basis to think that the heads of the 9th District Police Department in 1997 – Alexander Kostov and Krasimir Alexiev, operational officer at the Sofia Directorate on Internal Affairs Iriney Dimitrov, General Emil Tanev – the head in 2001 of the “Search” Sector at the Sofia Directorate on Internal Affairs, as well as General Slavcho Bosilkov, General Bozhidar Popov, and the former Head of Interpol – Sofia, and investigator Antoaneta Bliznakova have caused serious damage to the rights of the kidnapped child.


1.        SUMMARIZED STATEMENT – signed by Gen. V. Vasilev and STATEMENT TO THE SOFIA MILITARY DISTRICT PROSECUTION OFFICE – signed by Colonel Davidov are dated on one and the same date, i.e. 13.02.2001, but their contents have been compiled according to the principle “find the ten differences” and in infringement of the truth.

2.        The above two statements conscientiously do not mention the established by the operational officer of the 9th District Police Department L. Boyadzhiev, while mentioning only the facts, which are suitable for the version of the cops. The reports of Boyadzhiev that there is sufficient data to prove the kidnapping of the child are not quoted at all. (These reports are also missing from Investigation case No. 235/1998). In this way, since the beginning, the truth has been hidden concerning the occurred tragedy. Since 1997, it has been clear that Savestin has been kidnapped. Boyadzhiev took the respective protocol evidence statements in the presence of the Member of the 38th Parliament Hristo Ivanov. Due to the faults of the Heads of the 9th District Police Department, the Sofia Directorate on Internal Affairs, and the Directorate of the National Investigation Service, the reports and protocols of Boyadzhiev were conscientiously concealed. (I have the basis to believe that the Chief of the 9th District Police Department A. Kostov may have destroyed them). The child was conscientiously refused any chances to be found. A preliminary inquest was not initiated in 1997, infringing the rights and life of my child.

3.        They conscientiously state that from an objective point of view there is no data to indicate a kidnapping. Kindly note, that two years after the truth ws established by the complex expertise, they are conscientiously trying to implant certain suggestions in order to prevent a search for Savestin.

4.        Instead of quoting and stating the truth about the kidnapping from the conclusions of the 20-day complex expertise, Gen. Vasilev and Col. Davidov maliciously conceal the same, saying in their statements only that: “An operational psychological expertise has been performed on Denis Bahram – witness to the drowning, for the purpose of establishing his suitability as a witness”. They conscientiously conceal the truth and suggest the existence of a “witness to the drowning”.

5.        The next lie of V. Vasilev and M. Davidov is that the investigation case No. 235/1998 was commenced on their initiative. The truth is that the case was commenced only as a result of my own efforts and complaints.

Actually, there are to investigation cases, merged in 2001 into a single one. The first one is No. 235 dated 1998 with investigator P. Kalchev. The second is No. 149 dated 2001 with investigator Ant. Bliznakova. In the thus merged case, the reports dated 1997 of operational officer L. Boyadzhiev are missing. Also missing are the video materials and the protocol to the same, compiled in 1998 by Nikolay Yosifov of the Directorate of the National Investigation Service, which materials definitively destroyed the lies of Denis even before the complex expertise. Both in 1997 and in 1998, it was clear that Savestin had been kidnapped. The video materials and the protocol to the same were concealed by the Directorate of the National Investigation Service. I suspect that Angel Angelov has damaged the same. This same Angel Angelov was supposed to have told investigator Bliznakova: “Look, Bliznakova, see to it that the case is closed…”. This was told to me by Bliznakova personally, as a result of her being affected and letting it slip out of her mouth. Later on, however, obviously a bigger rat than Angelov has pressured the investigator. She all of a sudden made a few worthless questionings and did not even request the operational files from the police. Bliznakova issued a strange resolution for the termination of the investigation. Bliznakova should be questioned. I am ready for a confrontation with her.

There has been and is no search for the perpetrators. The Iranian, who has a criminal record and a number in the system, was held for two years at the Central Penitentiary, but was never questioned. The prostitute, who also has a criminal record and a number in the system, was also never questioned at the Sofia Investigation Service. None of their associates were ever questioned, nor investigated. The only persons questioned and investigated were myself and my relatives.

Notwithstanding the two prosecutor’s resolutions dated 2001 for the: “case to be transferred to the Sofia Directorate of Internal Affairs for continuation of the search for the perpetrators and the kidnapped child”, there is still no search instigated. This becomes clear from the letter ref. no. 13305 dated 10.07.2001 signed by the Head of the “Search” Department at the Sofia Directorate of Internal Affairs to the investigator Bliznakova:

The “Search” Department at the Sofia Directorate of Internal Affairs does not work on the establishment of unknown perpetrators of crimes.

Till date, we have no data to provide the basis for the supposition that Savestin Deyanov has been kidnapped. Signed and stamped!.

In this way, the police annul the resolutions of the prosecution office and the provisions of the laws, while the investigator keeps her silence, infringing the rights of the kidnapped child. Since 2001, investigation case No. 235/1998 is fully dead – there are no operational investigation actions whatsoever.

The written by Gen. Vasilev and Col. Davidov: “We have planned joint activities with the investigation service” is an absolute lie. The truth is that there are no activities whatsoever! What horror! A horror, which has gone on for 7 years now!

6.        Gen. Vasilev and Col. Davidov have also signed another lie that National Service “Fight Against Organized Crime” has performed an inquest, which was concluded with a statement that the case concerns a drowning?! Infringing the orders of the then Minister of Internal Affairs Bogomil Bonev, the National Service “Fight Against Organized Crime” has never worked on the case of Savestin and, therefore, could not have any conclusions. The former Director of the National Service “Fight Against Organized Crime” Gen. Kiril Radev declared before me personally that they have never worked on the search for my child, since the then Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Bozhidar Popov had ordered the expropriation of all the documentation. Actually, Gen. Popov hindered the search for Savestin since the beginning of the case, having provided significant pressure even in 1997 to prevent the posing of the issue of Savestin’s destiny before the Parliament.

7.        Another lie is that the expertise, which not the police, by I ordered according to the method of photo comparison, has reached a definitive conclusion. This is another manipulation and a concealment of the facts. The truth is that the dervishes in Baghdad showed a third child, which is neither Savestin, nor his double. The truth is that, due to the faults of the police and the investigation service, the identity of the child, whose picture appeared in 1998 in the magazine “X-factor”, was never established. If it is not Savestin, then who was his double? The cops did nothing on this version, as well. They refused cooperation to the Jordanian authorities, because they do not care about the destiny of my child.

8.        It is not true, that in 2001 the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not have computer software for updating the portraits of disappeared children. Even if that was so, they should have ordered throughout these years five updated portraits of Savestin abroad. The truth is that the cops refused to have updated portraits of Savestin, so that the search for him would have no chances. Anyone, who claims to be searching for a child without knowing how to recognize him, is a complete scoundrel as a human being and as a professional. Without an updated portrait any empty talk of performed search activities are obviously meaningless. The Ministry of Internal Affairs sabotages this program from starting to work in Bulgaria.

9.        The statements, signed by Gen. Vasilev and Col. Davidov, that Savestin has been announced for an international search, are also manipulative. The concealed truth is that, first, this was done very late – as late, as in February of 2000 in yellow bulletin F-7/2.2000, and, second, that this late announcement was conscientiously made with incredibly meaningless distinguishing characteristics, such as “honest” and “slender”, without a realistic description of the real distinguishing marks, as well as with a conscientiously concocted “scar from a wound on the chin”. The peak of police stupidity is shown by the quoted as circumstances of disappearance word “Bulgaria”. The truth is that a precise correction of the distinguishing marks and of the circumstances of Savestin’s kidnapping and imprisonment, as well as the publication of the updated portrait were performed as late as on the 01.10.2003 by notice No. 8278 from Interpol – Sofia to Interpol – Lyon. For 7 full years Savestin was denied the chance for an international search. This for Vasilev and Davidov is not important at all. Blockheads!

10.     Very cynical is the statement of M. Davidov that “the case is under control at the “Search” Sector of the Directorate of the National Investigation Service”. Both statements fail to indicate even a single significant action for the finding of the child, as well as that something significant will even be undertaken. The cruel truth is that the case is under the control of the Directorate of the National Investigation Service only in order to provide that there is no chance whatsoever for Savestin to be found.

                Mr. Chief Prosecutor,

                Taking into consideration the above elaborations and in accordance with the provisions of Art. 190 of the Penal Procedural Code, you are most kindly requested to instigate a preliminary investigation against Gen. V. Vasilev, Col. M. Davidov, and Angel Angelov of the Search Sector of the Directorate of the National Investigation Service on the basis of the provisions of Art. 311 of the Penal Code.

                You are also kindly requested in accordance with the provisions of Art. 190 of the Penal Procedural Code and in consideration of the elaborated by me here above to instigate a preliminary investigation against any and all of the persons, named in my complaint in order to establish, which of these persons have infringed the provisions of Art. 387 of the Penal Code.

                The reasons should be established for this consecutive, systematic, cruel, and purposeful actions for the duration of 7 years to ;prevent the finding of Savestin. The enormous police force of scoundrels against an innocent child?! Why? Actually, does not the fact, that for the duration of 7 full years they have hindered the search for Savestin, indicate that the cops have been covering up and are still covering up an illegal channel for child trade? A careful investigation must be performed on all the quoted by me persons as regards their property, income, expensive cigars, non-regulated connections, etc.


                I seek protection from the outrage of the cops. The state must defend the rights of Savestin and find him. Art. 3 of the Children’s Rights Convention provides for the required authority. It is up to you for our embassies in the Republic of South Africa, USA, Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, England, Holland, Greece, Turkey, and Iran to publish the portraits of Savestin in the central newspapers in these countries. It would be inhuman to refuse.

                There had been information on Savestin that he was searched for. If this is not done now, I would loose the chance, which was made possible by the updated portrait of Savestin. I expect every one of you to make a personal appoint with me for the salvation of the child.


1.          FINAL RESOLUTION dated 15.03.1999 by investigator P. Kalchev on ref. no. 3426/1998 to the Sofia District Public Prosecution Office, which establishes the truth that Savestin had been kidnapped.

2.          RESOLUTION of the Sofia District Public Prosecution Office dated 08.07.1999, signed by public prosecutor K. Angelov, which shows that the witness Bahram has provided false evidence to the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

3.          STATEMENT from the Directorate of the National Investigation Service Ref. No. ??699 dated 14.02.2001 to the Sofia District Military Prosecution Office, signed by Colonel M. Davidov.

4.          SUMMARIZED STATEMENT concerning: The performed activities with reference to the search for the minor Savestin Todorov Deyanov, singed on the 13.02.2001 by Major General V. Vasilev.

5.          RESOLUTION dated 05.03.2001, by which A. Hristov – public prosecutor at the Sofia Public Prosecution Office, orders the Sofia Directorate of Internal Affairs to continue the search for the perpetrator and the kidnapped person.

6.          Letter Ref. No. 13305 dated 10.07.2001 from the Head of the “Search” Sector at the Sofia Directorate of Internal Affairs to investigator Bliznakova, by which the police de facto annuls the resolution of the prosecution office and “legalizes” the lack of actions.

7.          Letter Ref. No. A-1455 dated 09.03.2004 of NCB Interpol – Sofia to the Supreme Prosecution Office, which proves that I, and not the police, am providing information for the announcement of the circumstances of the disappearance of Savestin.

8.          Letter from Interpol – Sofia Ref. No. 12935 dated 03.10.2003, which shows that the distinguishing marks and the circumstances of the disappearance of Savestin were published in yellow bulletin F-7/2.2000 under No. 8278 only on 01.10.2003.

9.          Report to the Chief of the 9th Regional Police Department dated 28.05.1997, which states that myself, the mother, and the aunt of Savestin do not have criminal records, while the Iranian and the prostitute have criminal records.


Dated: 01 March, 2004                                                                                                         Respectfully yours: (signed - illegible)




European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe


In the last 10 years our country turned into a bog in respect to the rights and lives of our children. Our nation is dying in this bog. The genocide is creeping - we rapidly took the first places for mortality, murders and violence but we are on the last place for births. The institutions kept silence disgracefully, inadequately and conspiratorially while there was a rise in the number of: the illiterate kids; the begging and roaming in clusters children; the missing, kidnapped, or sold children; the maltreated and exploitated ones; the sexually abused children and the child prostitution (including  boys, too); the murders of children; the suicides at lower and lower age; the undernourished and systematically starving children; the dying and maimed children - because of lack of money for treatment or diseases which are forgotten long ago in our country.

Not only the degree of criminality against children was growing higher, the same is the situation with the crimes committed by children - children act aggressively, children blackmail, children rob, children are pimps, children kill.

Instead of a good law of the child, the old majority created something maimed and ineffective. Instead of institutionalization of a judge of the children, an unnecessary bureaucracy from totalitarian type was created and it was called State Agency. Who needed it?

Incomprehensibly, but yet harmfully, the international conventions are not respected and are not taken into consideration.

All westerm experts warn that East Europe has turned into the paradise of the world's pedophils. The FBI alarms that in Europe the slavery is reviving - i.e. the trade with people, generally with children and women.

For several years now in Bulgaria there has been an organized traffic with children and young women. This modern terrorism is more profitable than the car stealing.  This contemporary janissaryhood is much more safer than the drug trade and it is completely unpunished in Bulgaria. Practically, there is no searching.

The traffic for adoption, for prostitution and pornoindustry, for interpedophilic canals or zombiing is organized and protected chiefly by the cops and the big shots - money have been taken from the pie for some people's party funds... That's why, the society is being manipulated and misinformed about the cruel problem.  That's why they deliberately and designedly maintain a legal vacuum and normative decrees which practically are at criminals' service. Systematically and according to the plan, for the last several years the police offices have become branches of the big bosses and of the mafia's local structures. The nightmare remained for the children and parents in trouble, for the future potential victims.

The criminal context in Bulgaria is a consequence of both state's guiltiness and degenerate militia reality in the Bulgarian police. The police is a monopolist! In its structures there is  well organized irresponsibility  and non-punishability. The truth is only what the police decides to announce - the juridical inquiry and the court are a follow-up function after a fait accompli. But, then, where is the state? The legal one!

One of the sinister child categories is the nightmarish category of disappeared children. These children are deliberately punished with non-searching. Against these children here stands their own state. Little Savestin is a collective symbol of the idiotic ill-doom of any Bulgarian child.

THE  DISAPPEARED  AND  THE  KIDNAPPED  CHILDREN  SHOULD  BE  SEARCHED  FOR  IN  EVERY  PART  OF  THE  WORLD EVEN  IF  THEIR  PARENTS  DON'T  TAKE  CARE  ABOUT  THEM, EVEN IF  THEY  DON'T  HAVE  PARENTS. For four years, however, the president and the MIA-bosses  have stayed scandalously unconcerned. By chance?! And why didn't they want to hear or read the many publications and what was introduced in official form personally to them, so that in Bulgaria could exist a system for prevention and searching for children?   AND  ONLY  IN  8  MONTHS  PERIOD  THE  TRAFFIC  IN  BULGARIA  CAN  BE  STOPPED  SUCCESSFULLY. IT  IS  POSSIBLE! AND WE SHOULD  DO  IT!  IN  THE  NAME  OF  NATION! Some of our children sold for violation and prostitution die abroad. Those who have succeeded to run away from the traffic are with damaged mentality, values and cruel traumas forever. Some of our pretty daughters remain without generative organs at the age of 16-18.    And this is genocide against the Bulgarian motherhood in most early age!

The disappeared children are a nightmare common to all mankind. Every prevention, every saved child is a contribution to the mankind.   And vice versa: - everyone who knows about about a drama with Bulgarian children and does not undertake  the necessary actions according to his/her rank, public position and resourses stands against the children.



Europe XXI, Bulgaria 2004                                    Todor Deyanov: …………………………


The State and the Ministry of Interior are guilty for this terrible misfortune with Bulgarian daughters and sons



24  ????-   ???. 35, ?????   24-?? ???????  2000?.

"?????????  ??   ?   ????   ??????   ??   ????  ?  ???"                  

“24-hours” – Bulgarian newspaper, p35/24. 10. 2000

Bulgarians involved in sex-traffic of children in South Africa,


where some 38,000 prostituting children exist. According to a Report of the local Legal Right Protection Group” Molo Songololo, as published in Johannesburg, criminal gangs in Bulgaria, Angola, Thailand, China and even the Russian mafia are running a trade with children’s flesh. Cape town has become a center of the sexual tourism, attracting seekers after pleasures with juveniles form all over the world. (24 chasa)




????? ????   ???? 84 (1990), ?????? IX        2-3 ??? 2000 ?.

??????? ???????? ?? ??????????? ? ??????


Noshten Trud – Nr.84 (1990), IX – Date: 2-3 May 2000


Little boys are being exported to act as prostitutes in Italy.


Some souteneurs steal 12 years old little boys in order to sell them to Traficants, so that to be forced to act as prostitutes in Italy, the frontier police officers do alarm. The disturbing news was distributed during the workshop that was held in Velingrad during the weekend. 

The channels for traffic of little boys and sex slaves are three as a whole, the one starts from the town of Plovdiv, the frontier officers are convinced. Souteneurs are looking for Bulgarian girls aged at 12 up to 35, mainly by announcements for offering work abroad as published in the press. For this purpose gentlemen entice the girls yet in the discotheques, bus-stations and hostels, by secretly persuading them to sell their flesh against the promises for big moneys, show the conclusions of the frontier officers.

The tariff for the live stock transfers abroad in the truck     compartments varies from DM100 up to DM1,000.

In the most of the cases, the route for such traffic crosses Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and from there – to different point of the world.During the last few months the trade with white slaves is going well in Kosovo and Albania as well.




How horrible! Every 8-th convinced Bulgarian citizen is a child! This is the easier way to report crime detection and justice. But this is a tragedy for the nation…

Author: 10.06.2004 – 13&02

300% increase in the number of children kidnapped in 2003


The number of the children as kidnapped in 2003 was increased by 300 percent. The figure is much more than that for 2002, on the basis of which the National Statistic Institute has made its study.


The same tendency can be noticed in the cases with children being kidnapped with blackmail purposes, or to be forced to homosexual actions, fornication or murdering.


All such acts were made on the background of the still existing negative tendency towards a decrease in the children population from 8 up to 17 years old.


The number of the minor and juvenile criminals in 2003 compared with the previous 2002 is 9,607 against 8,653.


The study indicates also that in 2003 some 3,680 juvenile criminals from 14 up to 17 years old have been convicted, being 12.9% of all convicted persons – that is every eight convicted person in Bulgaria is a child. Of them - for deliberate murder some 14 juvenile persons were convicted, as compared with 9 persons in 2002.  The most of the juvenile criminals are boys.


About 25 percent of the convicted juvenile criminals originate from disadvantage families – 1,048 persons, where 19.2% have lived in an unaccommodating and criminal family-and-friend environment.


The study of the National Statistic Institute shows that in 2003 the number of the convicted persons with effective sentences was 28,617, which is an increase by 3%, as compared with 2002.

The percentage of the persons with effective sentence (being 50%) is also progressively increased, as compared with those having conditional sentence and being 35%. 


The sentenced criminal acts against the personality – murder, body injury, discrediting, kidnapping and illegal duress, revealing of somebody else’s secrets, offences and defamations, debauchery and raping are 1,750 in their number.


In 2003 some 182 persons were convicted for 171 murders executed (including the attempts).


The victims of such criminal acts are 174, of which 127 persons – for deliberate murders, and 47 persons – for attempted murders.


The same study indicates that the number of the criminal convicted for raping is also being increased.

Dear people,

It is on purpose that no investigation has been organised and carried out on Savestin for as long as 8 years.

If his portrait photographs are not published by the printed and other visual media in the countries quoted here below by me NO POLICE OR ANY OTHER OFFICE IN THE WORLD SHALL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO RECEIVE SIGNALS ON THE CHILD ITSLEF AND ON HIS LOCATION. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY FOR SAVESTIN TO BE RECOGNIZED AND FOUND. The identity of Savestin has been changed and it is senseless to look for him by his real names…


PLEASE SPONSOR AND FINANCE this most safe chance so that I receive information and find my child. Beside being the most secure and sure, it is also the cheapest way. About 15000 EURO shall be needed. I have been destroyed and it is a lot of money for me. Please help. Savestin can rely on me only and on your help and assistance. PLEASE HELP!


The kidnapped Savestin could be and should be traced down predominately in the following countries: Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Iran, Algeria, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Argentina.

The child has most probably passed the Cyprus and Israeli borders, or Romanian, Hungarian and Dutch territories.



Here print the advertising squares with text and photos of Savestin for publication in the press and TV broadcasting. You can also personally organize tracing down of the child.

BULGARIA-??? ????????? ??????

ENGLISH -HerePrint 

FRENCH - Print

   Ici imprimer

GERMAN - Print 

Hier drUcken sie



   Qua stampare




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Haz click aqui


Burada print edilir




Netherlands - Print




Who are to blame for this

The public has been asking for a long time:

1.      Is our state so helpless and miserable, that it cannot find and save even one only child as Savestin?!

2.      Is our state so irresponsible and lacking the knowledge to find and save neither Savestin nor any other victim like Savestin?!

3.      Is our state so irresponsible or does it refuse to save Savestin on purpose exactly because people at different levels of power organize, guard or benefit from the traffic with children?!


I hereby give the answer:

The investigation on Savestin is hindered on purpose so that the channels are not destroyed and so that the investigation may not reach the upper levels of power. In my opinion there is no other explanation. Someone is making great profits…


The investigation has been hindered to the damage of this child the following persons:

The prime-ministers Ivan Kostov and Simeon SaxCoburgGotta (there remains to see how Sergey Stanishev will act).

The President Petar Stoyanov (there remains to see whether Georgi Parvanov will help).

Chief Secretaries of the Ministry of Interior- Gen. Bozhidar Popov, Gen. Slavcho Bossilkov, Gen. Boyko Borissov.

From the ministers of the Interior- mainly and only G. Petkanov

In the Sofia Directorate of the Police Office- Gen. Vassil Vassilev, the chief of the Investigation office Col. Angel Angelov and others of lower ranks in the Sofia department of the Interior Ministry and at the 9-th District Department of the Police.


Until this moment the above quoted persons have not helped, nor undertaken any, even the smallest action in favour of Savestin. Why? They still have to explain why!


The cops and the persons making dirty tricks are everywhere, where hindrances are to be created, even for an innocent child.




???? ??? ??? ????I???????

The state is the main enemy of Savestin! As at 2006 the Ministry of Interior denies the kidnappings and the trade with our


The other authorities hide the traffic with Bulgarian children. Presidents and Prime Ministers guiltily keep silence and remain

inactive.Thus they publicly and jointly destroy not solely my rights and the rights to Savestin but en masse and shamelessly

stand up against the rights of each other parent like me and of each other child – victim like Savestin.

The return of Savestin is a true guarantee for the rescue of other Bulgarian children too, but the authorities do not want this

to happen and demonstrate this in the most mean-spirited manner. Trade with children is an incredibly profitable business

and it is fully unpunishable in our country as well.

People, do not be indifferent! Your child is also Savestin… The Bulgarian state has not found even one child like Savestin…    








Ref. No. 1827/25.01.2002



Resident of Sofia, j.k. Lyulin, bl. 521, entr. G, fl. 6, ap. 87



City of Sofia, 5, Antim I street


City of Sofia, 29, 6th September street


City of Sofia, 2, Mayor Vekilski street


City of Sofia, 5, Dragan Tzankov blvd.


City of Sofia, 1, Narodno Sabranie square


??.???? ? 246/ 19.06.2002 ?., 2 ?????? ?? ????? ???