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The time was passing by and I was thrilled with panic. I made a phone call to the District Police Department. They told me: “Come tomorrow after 10.00 o’clock”. Then I called 166. They advised me to send immediately an application to the District Police Department no matter that they refused to handle the matter. I have run to the District Police Department. It is over midnight. The officer on duty is wondering what to do with my application. He made me to rewrite it again. They did not like it. Then they sent me to the Cooperative’s Market to pick up my 8 years old son from the Bingo room where for sure he fell asleep. Oh, this police bluntness was nothing compared to what I had to endure in the future…
A sleepless painful night. I hardly waited for the morning. I have run all the hospitals, morgues, forensic medicine ward. There was no corpse. My heart relaxed. Only for a while. Only for a little while. The nightmare was yet to come.
In the residential estate of LIULIN the police was still asleep. At Denisov’s house there is nobody. I have found him at school. He is alone and walks shaky leaning on the banisters. His behavior is inadequate. He cannot recognize me, he does not know who is Tine. Then he told me that they were over there behind the trees near the small river. This is not more than three hundred meets and I rushed the distance through. I yelled, I searched for - nothing. Not a single trace. Dear God, where is my child?
At lunch time finally we brought by a car of our own two operative officers. Denis led confidently a whole group of people whom I know to the Liulin’s small river. Just to become evident that he is telling lies. They led him to the 9th District Police Department and we were left alone to search for the area the whole day. They refused to give us a dog. They did not get a probe from Denis. In our view he was drugged…
In the late afternoon my sister and a lady-acquaintance  have been summoned to the Police Department. The chief A.Kostov in person, laconically and offhand informed them that Savestin had been seen drowning in the area of the Lion’s bridge. There were witnesses and among them even the policeman on duty at the Women’s market. But… it has been “an official secret”!… They simply have been searching for the corpse…
So, on the 7th day of May 1997 the nightmare began.: the Police against Savestin. Against a child?! What kind of interests were got involved?
During that night my hair tuned grey. Since there were more than three witnesses, what I can expect else? Tears, streams of tears I shed in the canal to catch up with my beloved child in the river…
Oh, Lord, I wish to nobody such a horror.
However, everything with the drowning was a fake. There has never been a witness. Simply, we should have prepared ourselves for a funeral, and not to seek for him in Liulin and thus unearthing something about the drugs shady deal. Then, however, we did not know anything about it… Oh, Lord, absolutely nothing.
On the fifth day we took the first phone call that Tine is alive. An unknown woman phoned up the mother of a Savestin’s schoolmate. Till today I am not in touch with the family in question. The unknown woman could have picked up the telephone number only out of his jacket’s pocket. Savestin has never been in any river, but this phone call has been hidden away. Only and solely the version of drowning has been launched stupidly and stubbornly. Why did some people from the Police want so much that Savestin had drowned? Why did not they try to discover him? Why?
The second cruel blow that I was dealt with by the Police came on the 20th day after the disappearance of Savestin. On the 26th May I published my first open letter in the press.(quotes from the letter #7).
Unfortunately, the President keeps silence indifferently till the present day.
But let us go back on the 27 May 1997. In the afternoon on that day I was kindly invited to pay a visit to the District Police Department regarding some fresh news about the child. Oh, my heart started tick-tacking quickly when there was something related to the child. I ran the distance of about three kilometers to the Police office as fastest as I could. And for what - a real chit! They cheated me to go their to tell me not to reveal to the press and public things about them, because otherwise they would reveal something which they know about myself…
They would tread me down! Can you imagine that? Those who kidnapped my child stopped bothering me, and these who are suppose to help me are planning to trample me down?! You parents, in my place, what would you have done? I lost ground under my feet. I was stunned with feelings of indignation and anger. And with fear! It is how the nightmare has begun: the Police against an unlucky father.
It was exactly at these moments when I rose above myself, my fear and my miserable existence. I made up my mind not to be afraid of anyone. I Pledged to save my child at any price. That is why I did just the opposite that the threads prescribed - I turned openly and courageously to the public. And entire press did support me! I am grateful to the bottom of my heart to the journalists.
The theme “missing children” was no longer a taboo. The openness about this cruel reality went free. Bit by bit the question of incriminating the very kidnapping of a child was brought to the timetable.
At the beginning of these first months of my tragedy I was kicked around by all the institutions. Human rights have nothing to do neither with me nor with Savestin. Then I thought that I was the first man whose child had been kidnapped. In fact the boom in children kidnapping had stared in 1992. They kept silence and hid this from the public on purpose. Now, the number of unaccounted and investigated is yet unknown. They are speculating with the term “unaccounted” The unaccounted they become only after the fifth year if vanished without a trace. And those who were unaccounted for an year or two or four - how many are they? There is no valid statistics. Many have not been pronounced for investigation at all yet at the District Police Departments. Others are pronounced so terribly formal as much as to show up some kind of work. A notice -just a couple of lines, without a photo, placed somewhere at the corner of a newspaper. And that’s it. The outcome is - oblivion. The way of promulgation for national investigation in fact does not make sense. Firstly, it comes very late, and secondly it is useless in principle.
In the second month after the disappearance of Savestin, his mother visited the District Police Department of Targovishte. Then we were dealt with the third blow by the Police Department. There was no officer in Targovishe who had ever heard the name Savestin, save the fact that he was under investigation. The mother fell into hysterics. The Chief of Investigation arrives. He was searching in the folders. He finds out that there is an individual with the name Savestin and closed the drawer with the words: Well, there are many of them, Madame, that is why we face this.
Alas, they are many indeed! In the Convention it is mentioned “each and every child”. If they are more than three they are already terribly many! Whatever may be the real number of children on the missing list they all account for 100% undiscovered cases, 100% irresponsibility, 100% punish-free attitude, 100% multiplication of crimes as a result of the first three 100% practices. The types of crimes are not sorted out and recorded, neither the criminals are identified. Even the posthumous remains of the children are found by chance in defiance of the Police. From the very beginning there is no real search. The system favors only the criminals. There are doubts that new born babes disappear from the maternity homes. Our children are traded for adoption in the catalogues of Internet, third countries outside Europe are supplying born in Bulgaria kids to Western Europe. How did these children find their way there? Unorganized by anyone, they just have decided to make a trip for fun? It is on mass scale that our under age daughters are involved in prostitution business abroad and within the country. Who is investigating them? In which statistics of the Ministry of Interior?
At the lower levels in the Police Department is constituted organized irresponsibility and punish-free attitude. The poor parents are always and the only culprits. Especially if they start annoying them by complaints about their children’s rights. The police is never guilty. It is always right! Thus inevitably the
conflict between the parents and Police takes shape. Thus inevitably we face the absurd situation when instead of struggling with the criminals, we, the parents, are struggling with the very Police. The Police is emerging like an insurmountable barrier before the truth of crime and the culprit. Practically the Police is an obstacle instead of source of help. It is a nightmarish absurd which I cannot still figure out.
I have become unbearably hated by some police agents since I contacted the people’s representative Hristo Ivanov asking a Parliamentary interpellation in July 1997. On 14 July a man made a phone call through number 166 about Savestin and that he in two days time would be transferred across a certain border. Instead of doing something along the border line on the 18 June they searched for thoroughly the canal near the Lion’s bridge. Then someone cried out:”Look at this, this kid has not drowned for sure”.
I kept writing complaints. The trouble was that no one of the nobles has heard me. No one paid attention even after the third month of disappearance. In a complaint No. 9401, dated 28 July 1997 I repeatedly addresses the President of Republic and the National Assembly .
As a result it followed neither investigation nor a single one interrogated. The signal that Savestin was put in a small car has purposely not been put on record in the IX District Police Department.
In September 1997 I addressed the International Court in Strasbourg. I received an answer of what I am supposed to do. I have received both Conventions. Greatly amazed I realized that both Savestin and myself possess particular rights and the state is obliged to secure them for us. But the human right of our children are not protected. Bulgaria does not have official state policy to and for the children.
So, I did not have other choice. I investigated alone. Drug abusers, prostitutes, journalists, even policemen did help me. Over the case “Savestin” an iron curtain pulled down as if it had to do with a nuclear secret. Even high ranking policemen could not understand why we face such mysteriousness. Whose interests were threatened by Savestin and myself. It was hardly something insignificant. Since deliberate display of the case as an accident the play has become rough. There appeared narcotics, traffic of people, prostitution, a murder. The Iranian suspect was released from the prison for unknown reason and then killed.


1. Savestin has been sold out.
2. Savestin has been put in pawn for drugs.
But who is to work on these versions? What might be the crime of my child it has been covered up yet at the IX District Police Department. And at the Capital Department of the Ministry of Department! For instance for two month the documents were locked at the District Police Department without any action. That’s monstrous! And later the dossier was sent to the Department of Police in a kind that excluded anything else but drowning. Drowning, drowning and nothing else but drowning!
As then like now nobody bothers himself about to inform me officially. Just the opposite! They have refused me impartial information. Inquest secret and that is it! Go to hell!
I am the first who have openly spoken about my child. Over two hundred are only publications in the press. Most of them are sad and with critical content about Police. One of the Police methods is to exhibit parents’ merits as their own measure. They even share the bonuses. At somebody’s other expense, at somebody’s other grief! And we the poor parents undermine our health, ruin our welfare and come down to the bottom of misery in hospitals and psychiatric clinics. Even in the cemeteries … You, who have not yet suffered do not allow to find yourselves in our position. We can overcome the stooges. We can, though there are many careerists, many who know which side of the bread is buttered and who live like yes-men whose cherished desire is in the morning to “serve” the lavatory pan. But for their disgusting “service” we should not allow them to destroy our children. In no way. The dearest minority in Bulgaria are the little Bulgarians. We are running the bottom birth rates in the world. But cannot protect even those little children who we have. Murders, sects, prostitution, drugs, maltreatment, sexual abuse, misery and mendicity - the crime in all its forms is escalating over our children unpunished. We all see all this and are…. silent?! Our mute inaction is equal to complicity with these crimes and with the lack of real opposition against the criminals. We are accomplices against our own children! And what for, people? What for parents? What for compatriots?
Too many are the unattended and abandoned children. No one is taking their parents to the court. I have not abandoned Savestin. I love him very much and tenderly, but I am punished and sentenced by the state to grief and helplessness. The only crime that I have committed is to be a father - a father in Bulgaria. Our parents’s rights are completely deleted. The state started running not for me or Savestin but only to cut off his children’s allowances. Old BGL 1000 (Bulgarian levs) or BGL 1 (one new Bulgarian lev) is more important for them than the fate of one under age little Bulgarian kid?! Forgive us son, that we have taught you to spell out the verses:”… To call myself a little Bulgarian is the prime cause of joy… Forgive me, son. I beg you with tears in my eyes.
The inquest suit was constituted 13 months after his abduction. But no action after that. None of the suspects has been interrogated. The prostitute ran away from the country through Durankulak and the Iranian, though being in the Central prison was unreachable for the inquest. What for? Both Denis and the witness of what had happened to my child were tested yet this summer at the Institute of the Minister of Interior. He has been tested only to prove that he had lied. At last! Over more that 2 years they proved something of which was aware the entire Bulgaria. No matter what I keep on fighting. To protect one’s child is a sacred right for any parent since the times immemorial. The worm which is a worm is turning its back to protect itself. And You parents and I are not worms. We are human beings in the end of XX century. Very recently President Stoyanov declared that human rights stand even higher than the sovereignty of the state. Where then do the rights of the Bulgarian children stand? Where then do the rights of the parents in trouble stand? Mr. President, stay on our side!
I personally survived due to my belief in good. For the mean stooges and their disgusting “service” I shall not allow to be bullied. But for third year in succession my child and I are helpless victims before the eyes of a whole nation. Thousands are in our position - banished from institutions, disdained by the police. We are deprived of rights, ill-fated fellows in our own motherland. Oh, Lord. Why?


They have amputated my parents’ rights. Amputated Savestin’s and my human rights. Is their power in Bulgaria that will have mercy on us.